Frequently Asked Questions

Does Firefighter Margaritas supply the alcohol?
No. We do not supply any liquor or alcoholic beverages.

Why do some cities have a fuel surcharge?
We have to drive the distance four times.  Twice on delivery (out and back) and twice when we pick up.  It is to cover the extra fuel cost and time.

Can I supply my own mix?
No, our mix is made exclusively for Frozen Drink Machines. Other mixes will cause damage to the machine.

How much is additional mix?
Each additional mix is $15.00. We will bring extra mixes if requested and you will only be charged if you use them, otherwise, we will return them to our stock.

Can I use an extension cord?
You can only use the 20′ extension cord provided to you by Firefighter Margaritas. Other extension cords will damage the machine for which you will be responsible.

Do I need ice?
No, the machine freezes the product for you.

What type of electrical connection do I need?
The machine requires a 110 volt 3 prong electrical outlet on a 20 amp dedicated circuit. The circuit can not have anything else plugged into it except for the frozen drink machine. Machine needs to be placed near an electrical outlet. No extension cords unless provided by Firefighter Margaritas, they will cause damage to machines.

How much space does the machine take up?
The machine is on a rolling cart that is 24″ wide by 36″ long and 5 feet tall.

Can the machines be used outside?
Yes but they need to be kept safe from the elements and do best if not in direct sunlight.

Can the machine be carried upstairs?
If there is more than one step there needs to be someone there able to help with the machine. They weigh 200 pounds. Any more than 3 consecutive steps and we can’t deliver due to safety issues. No second stories unless elevator access.

Can I move the machine to another location?
The machine must remain at the delivery address. You will be responsible for the care of the machine after delivery.

Have another question?
Email us at or call 817-688-9036.