Does Firefighter Margaritas supply liquor or alcoholic beverages?

No, we do not.  You can purchase alcohol to add to the mix if you choose

Can I supply my own mix?

No, our mix is made exclusively for Frozen Drink Machines.  Other mixes will cause damage to the machine.  

How much is an additional mix?

Each additional mix is $15.  We will bring as many mixes as you think you will need and you will only be charged for what you use.  

Do I need ice?

No ice is needed!  The mix is made for the machine and we freeze to a slushy consistency.

Do the machines use a regular house outlet or plug?

Yes, the machines will run on a regular house outlet or plug.  They require a 3 prong electrical outlet on a 15 amp circuit.  NOTE:  Nothing else can be on the circuit because the machines pull about 13 amps so you can't have other things pulling electricity from that breaker.  

Can I use and extension cord?

You can only use the 25 foot extension cord we provide.  Smaller "orange" extension cords will not work and will melt or cause damage to the machine which you will be responsible for.   

How much space does the machine and cart take up?

The machine will be on a black cart that is 17" wide, 36" long and machine and cart are 5 feet tall. 

Can I use the machine outside?

Yes, but they need to be protected from the elements.  They will take longer to freeze in the heat of the summer. 

Can the machine be carried upstairs?

No, the machines weigh about 200 pounds.  We are able to "pop" the cart up single steps but cannot get up stairs.  No second stories unless elevator access.  

Can I move the machine to another location?

The machine must remain at the delivery location.  The machines weigh 200 pounds and injure you if dropped and will also damage the machine.  

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